viele bemalte bunte Kinderhände

Kids Church

Learning to Give Back

At The Winners Church, we offer congregants of all ages a chance to give back by joining our wide range of ministries. Our Children Nursery allows current members or newcomers to be involved with our ongoing mission of spreading the teachings of Jesus Christ to our ever-growing community. Giving back is ingrained into our philosophy and it’s at the root of our very being.

Worship Services

Shaping Your Faith

Since 2000, The Winners Church has provided the community with all the tools, wisdom, and resources they need to keep them grounded. Our Worship Services was established with an aim to offer congregants the chance to give back to the community. Each of our ministries is as strong as a family and bring congregants closer together.


Ministry Bible Study

A Wide Range of Initiatives

Join our Ministry Bible Study ministry to discover how the work of The Winners Church affects the community and the world at large! With our Ministry Bible Study in place, congregants have the chance to participate in a variety of innovative service missions. Joining a ministry is a perfect opportunity for you to get closer to other members of our congregation, and of course to honor the sacrifices and teachings of the Lord.

God will transform our cities through prayer

There is power in a praying Church. God is inviting us to enter His heart for a praying Church. What is needed in the worldwide Church at this hour is a unified, praying Church. When the Church in a city or region decides to drop its own agendas and decides to come together to pray, there is great spiritual power released into the atmosphere. Prayer will affect everything! It will affect time, places, occasions, and circumstances. A praying Church within the city brings success and supernatural power into that region. We invite you to join our Wednesday and Friday prayer meetings,  get blessed and mighty transformation in your personal life !



The Winners Church counseling ministry helps people by providing biblical counsel in the following areas: marital and family relationships, communication and intimacy, parenting, grief and loss, anger and bitterness, inner personal struggles, and spiritual discouragement.

The counseling ministry is led by Pr Joel and is based on one of our core values: “We Get Our Hands Messy – We are crazy about broken people. We hunger to see people healthy and growing and we’ll get our hands messy to make it happen.”