Pastor's Family

I grew up in a church being always in the company of believers, pastors, and leaders. I committed my life to Jesus Christ and got water baptized when I was in my tenth grade. Even though I grew up in a church, I got into bad habits, rebelled against my parents and God, got into a wrong relationship, and went through severe depression. This totally disconnected me from my family, church, and most importantly from God. After running away from God for many years, in my early 20’s, I realized that without God I was a complete failure and I surrendered my life to Him and was supernaturally restored again and started attending the church and later on joined the worship team as a bass guitarist.When I was in the worship team, I saw believers come to church Sunday after Sunday, who would sing and worship God by lifting up their hands, being filled in the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues, and falling under the power of God and then the next day, I would see these same believers in my house weeping and sharing their problems with my mother and they would seem so weak and helpless. I knew that there was something terribly wrong with this picture. I realized that many believers only had information about God but not a real revelation.
At The Winners’ Church we help people to get a revelation of who their God is and how he has made them Winners’ in Christ. So, if you are someone who is tired of going to church week after week and not able to experience a life of victory and breakthrough I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to come to the The Winners’ Church and find out for yourself how to be a winner in life.